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I went to this clinic for hair loss treatment.I was suggested to take up only two hair oils.But it takes me two month to see the exact result. Most probably My hair fall is totally reduced and the dandruff too vanished. So I am glad to recommend this clinic to anyone for hair loss treatment.

Stephen Smith

I was suffering from Skin Allergy for the past 3 Months. I had visited few skin clinics but I did not get result. Then I visited this clinic 1 Month back, I had taken 1 Month Medicine. Within 15 days I got changes . Now my face colour and other parts Skin colour also came to Normal . I got excellent result. Already I sent my friends to this clinic.


I am a chronic ARTHRITIS patient coupled with burns in a fire accident and I was taking treatment under Allopathic doctors. I went to DR Murugappan of Dhanvanthri Clinic Saligramam when I was not able to stand and walk. After his medicines Now I feel healthy and strong and pain does not worry very much now. I am continuing his medicines to get further hale and healthy and get cured from all my ailments. His advices on style of life food intake etc helped me a lot.


I am a chronic DIABETIC for the past 35 years. I was all along taking English Medicines. I consulted Dr Murugappan of Dhanvanthri Clinic. I tested Sugar before and after his treatment and found the sugar level much reduced after intake of his medicines. I am continuing the Siddha Medicines and feel energetic and strong. Thanks to Doctor.


This is my first visit and my experience was very good. The way the doctor interacted with me was excellent. From today I am going to start the treatment hoping for the best result.

A Ayannar

I came for dandruff and hair fall from root problem. Doctor explained genuinely about the problem and fees details and for the past three months I am following. Oil and lotion was good and I am satisfied comparatively with other clinics. I will recommend this clinic as it`s genuine.

Joe lazar

I went to doctor for the treatment of scalp psoriasis, scales have been reduced and I am very much satisfied with treatment. Doctor is also very kind to patients and I am continuing the treatment as per doctor`s advice.


I was suffering from Hepatitis B and I took medicine for 5 months only and it got cured. Really good medicines given by the doctor and I followed it and the result is negative. If anyone suffering from this illness, please contact Dhanvanthri Clinic. Thanks


Medical and nursing are very good.. superb treatment and surgical attention.. Great kind and care Staff nurses. Thanks to Parvathy Ortho Hospital.


Excellent Treatment and Hospitality.. Superb Services. Very nice Ward boys. Highly Satisfied for kind and care Treatment. Thanks to Parvathy Ortho Hospital. Special Thanks to Suleman and Dr Rohini Mam.


That was my first time I met the doctor, he was simply awesome and very patient enough to listen to me. Very good doctor and I would strongly recommend this clinic.

Anthony Britto

I was consulting Dhanwanthri clinic for the past 6 months for intestine Ulcer. Within 3 months I got very good improvement .Now I am planning to continue the treatment. Highly recommended.


Very nice doctor and I would strongly recommend this clinic. Cleared all my skin allergy problem.

Krishna gopal kumar

I went here at my initial stage of soriasis in my head and after two months of treatment now its totally cure. Continuing 3rd month and hope it will not come back. I referred many of friends to go here for the best treatment.


We just visited this doctor yesterday and we found him to be very informative and took the time and effort to listen to our questions and address any of our concerns. Would totally recommend this clinic to anyone.


Excellent Treatment. Very reliable. He can help us even in critical situation.

Satya V

I took baldness treatment, after taking 30 days treatment I got new hair in my front bald areas. I am very much satisfied. I am continuing the medicine & oil.

Nandha Kumar

I have been taking baldness treatment last 3 months. I have seen hair regrowth in my bald areas. I am very much satisfied . I will recommend to my friends also.


I had taken piles treatment here. After taking 1 month medicine, I feel better, fully satisfied. I am continuing the medicine for permanent cure.


I had taken scalp psoriasis treatment. After taking 2 months medicine , my problem solved. Now I am continuing medicine for permanent cure.


I tried hairfall treatment here, result is excellent, very much satisfied.


Go with confidence.. All your health problems will be solved...Doing the best job in silence..


I had taken skin treatment here. After taking 50% of my problem was solved.. Now I am continuing 2nd month medicine.


I visited this clinic 1 month back for skin allergy treatment. After taking medicine my problem more than 75% solved ,now I am continuing the medicine for full cure.


Have taken 1 month medicines for Psoriasis and seeing a good result. Continuing medicines for the 2nd month and praying for the speedy recovery soon.

Arun Kumar

Worth for the money and health issues are cleared for me and my friends. Thanks to Doctor! Great service.I have referred 4 of my friends and all are happy. Good luck!!


I had taken sinus treatment in Dhanvanthri clinic. After taking 1 month medicine I feel better. I am continuing the medicine


I took skin allergy treatment, after 1 month my skin allergy problem was solved.