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The Face is the ‘organ of Emotion and we constantly read Facial expression to understand the feelings of others. Our face also plays a vital role in Physical Attractiveness. Yuvanpidika is a problem which is encountered by almost everyone at the time of Adolescene. Everyone wants to have Beautiful and Charming skin. This Disease is described under the heading of ‘Kshudra roga’ in Ayurveda and many remedies are described to cure, this diseases. In Ayurveda, this Disease is described as “Mukhdushika or Yuvan pidika. According to Ayurveda, the Shalmali Kantak like eruption on the Face due to vitiation of Kapha, Vata and Rakta which are found in adolescents are called Mukhdushika. According to the Nature of Disease, it is essential to work on such Drugs which has property of Kapha-Pitta shamak & Raktashodhak can reverse the condition and can be used for long time. Acne is a common chronic inflammatory condition of skin with significant Cutaneous and Psychological disease burden.

These factors create some conditions in the body, favouring to the Acne occurrence. These factors can be enlisted as.

  • Diet- Diet may play an important role in aggravation of acne. Certain foods especially butter, cream, ice- cream, chocolates, fried foods, fats, excess starches, sweets, delicious greasy dishes, overeating,chillies, alcohol, aerated drinks, tea etc. aggravate the conditions.
  • Climate - The climatic factors influence the course and extent of lesions. The disease is commonest in moist temperate climate. Exposure to Sun and Wind, increasing Desquamation of the exposed Skin, diminishes the hyperkeratosis of the hair Follicles and Reduces come done Formation.
  • Use of Cosmetics - Excess use of greasy cosmetics as the cause of Acne form lesions; as it blocks the pores of sebaceous glands preventing the outcome of the sweat as well as fresh open air essential for the healthy skin is obstructed.
  • Occupation- The persons working in the industries of heavy metals and oil industry have little tendency of having the pimples. The inherited dust of these metals may lodge in the circulatory system and under the skin Moreover a sedentary life may be one of the stimulating factor to Acne.
  • Constipation - A common predisposing cause to produce acne is intestinal stasis, especially the constipation.
  • Mental stress - There is no Evidence that Sebaceous glands are under nervous control but there is no doubt that Mental Stress can aggravate Acne. Severe Acne may be related to increased Anger and Anxiety. The Stresses causes Excess Secretion of Androgens and Subsequently lead to Acne.

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