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Skin Allergy

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Skin Allergy

Skin allergy is the body’s extreme reaction to one or more allergens. There are thousands of different allergens all around us and almost any substance in our environment can provoke an allergic reaction in someone (who is very sensitive). We can say that this type of reaction is caused unsuitable or Asaatmya influences.

Similarly, there may be cases of seasonal or acquired skin sensitivities that is caused due to a reactive type toxin called Amavisha. This is the more dangerous counterpart of the toxin, which is usually created due to faulty digestion. If Ama is left to continue to accumulate in the digestive tract, it can spread to other tissues (dhatus) and organs and wreak havoc.

Eventually, the Ama interacts with the organs, tissues and functions of the body (subdoshas) where if not flushed out, it settles and forms a reactive poison called Amavisha. When an Asaatmya influence or allergen interacts with the Amavisha it can impair cell functioning and may manifest as rashes, discoloration, roughness or irritation.

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