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Cholesterol is an essential substance for all our body system. On the other hand, once this vital substance is getting excess in our entire body, it ends up with high level cholesterol and other related ailments. Often the unhealthy food habit, not enough activity as well as exercises, stress, tension virtually all end in raising the cholestrerol levels within the body. Particular person with higher measure of cholesterol suffers from high blood pressure levels and other related diseases. In accordance with health organizations 290-300 mg and 265-270 mg of cholesterol is needed for men and women, respectively. A correct well balanced diet plan should never contain over 25-30 percent of cholesterol. However, those people who arealready obese and have absolutely high level of cholesterol probably should not take cholesterol containing diet.

Cholesterol Causes

High level of cholesterol along with heart-related problems has become quite common nowadays. The level of stress filled lifestyle we're surviving, unhealthy eating habit etc. seems to have severely affected the amount of cholesterol in our total body. The main factors behind higher level of cholesterol are unhealthy food items (junk foods, food cooked in butter along withsaturated fats, soft drinks), excess consumptionof red meat, stress, smoking and consuming alcohol and various otherdrugs.

Cholesterol Symptoms

Patient experiencinghigh level of cholesterol should never neglect his particular health problem. The most important signs and symptoms of cholesterol are: chest pain, strokes, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, headache,obese, excess sweating, problem in speaking, expression, loss full capacityto do regular day-to-day work, etc.

Ayurveda approach

In accordance with Ayurveda, people who have a kaphagenic diet plan normally have high cholesterol levels. In order to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent increase in levels of cholesterol, Ayurveda recommends the following:

Low Cholesterol friendly food

Watch your food intake. Continue with the kapha-pacifying diet regime and avoid food high in excess fat like fatty foods. Do not take cheese, yogurt or high-fat milk. Reduce intake ofsweets, cold foods like ice cream and desserts, and drinks.

Do include onion and garlic with yourcooking along with foodstuff. Also take foodswhich can benatural cholestrerol level busters. These are:

  • Blue corn
  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Apples
  • Grapefruit
  • Almonds

Herbsare effectiveagainst cholesterol levels. Have these items in your daily diet or even refreshments that will help bring good balance to cholesterol levels.


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