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Cancer is a disease in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion, and sometimes metastasis. These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited, do not invade or metastasize. The incidences of various types of cancers are increasing so much that The Cancer war was declared in 1971 by cancer industry & Federal govt. since then 2trillian$ on conventional treatment but success is just 2.4%.


Cancer is caused by improper usage of indriyas or senses in carrying out day to day activities (Improper karmas-deeds). The cell division- Improper division of cells, due to carcinogenic substances, also causes cancer.

  • Foods – Improper eating habits can produce cncer.
  • Tobacco – Smoking either direct or indirect, can cause cancer, chewing of tobacco etc. are known to be carcinogenic.
  • Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol in abnormal quantities, is known to cause cancer of the liver especially, and all major organs of the body.
  • Industrial pollutants – Asbestos dust from factories, coal dust in mines, cement in factories and construction work, fumes from foundries, drinking of water from stangant sources, river, wells etc. polluted by these toxic chemicals is known to cause cancer.
  • Breathing polluted air – Air that contains vehicular smoke, industrial smoke, causes cancers.
  • Viruses – Some female reproductive organs when affected by viruses, produce cancerous growth.
  • Genetic factors – Hereditary genetic constitution of the body is also responsible for the production of cancerous growth.
  • Cancer can take place in any part of the body. According to Ayurveda when ama toxins get accumulated in any part of the body, it takes the form of a tumour or ulcer, which keeps growing.
  • Liver is responsible for the removal of toxins from the body, if the liver is not functioning properly these toxins start getting accumulated in the body, forming cancerous growth in the body.
  • When there is imbalance of potassium and sodium in the body it produces cancer.
  • When the Sapta Dhatus are affected by toxins, cancer is caused.
  • Repeated growth of tumor in any part of the body causes cancer, and any dosha aggravated for a long duration.


  • Vocal cords are affected, difficulty in speaking.
  • Ulcers in the mouth, which can be recurrent in nature.
  • Cough as well as saliva in some cases has traces of blood.
  • Difficulty in swallowing and also taking in regular food.
  • Blood oozing from any part of the overall body without having any explainable cause.
  • Fever unusual, for very long period of time.
  • Reduction in body weight and also complete stamina to be effective.
  • Tumor or simply bulge in any part of the entire body.
  • Changes in bowel movements patterns.
  • Heavy stomach as well as serious pain.
  • Continuous nausea or vomiting, inspite of prescription drugs.
  • Difficulty in passing stool, bleeding coming from rectum.
  • Accidental bone fracture , difficulty in healing.
  • Heaviness in the top of your head, nausea or vomiting, , uneasiness, sudden could possibly be temporary blindness etc.
  • Difficulty in passing urine, burning sensations within the urinary tract.
  • Lack of appetite, and also heaviness in abdomen.
  • If you have any of these or even very much the same signs or symptoms, we highly recommend a complete check for quite possible cancerous growth.

Different types of Cancer:

Classification based upon types of cells involved & body organ.
Bone Cancer, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Endocrine Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Gynaecologic Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Prostate Cancer, Skin Cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcoma Etc.

Prostrate Cancer: - Is prostate cancer curable? The solution is absolutely yes. The actual prostate-related enlargement, health problem of males immediately after fifty is usually uncomfortable. It happens to be on account of increased and even frequent urge together with straining urination. The particular prostate gland is actually a walnut sized gland surrounding the neck of bladder along with base of penis. The entire specialized medical research projects in U.K. publish that male population more than 50years is often prone to prostate cancer. Most of these persons typically develop a benign prostate-related hypertrophy.

When it comes to BPH the usual cells associated with prostate grow and maintain in size and also number however, when this kind of growth in a rapid pace replacing of normal cells together with tumor cells provoked by prostate gland particular antigen in all of the situations.

When it comes to modern system of medication quite a few symptomatic treatment method along with surgical treatment in both BPH and prostate cancer are offered together with radiation and also chemotherapy in cases of prostate cancer; however, rate of success is not so satisfactory. The advancements developed by the Ayurveda through researches as well as clinical trials provide evidence of curing BPH and cancer. Researches at AIIMS have reached threshold of securing some sort of wonderful breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment method from active principles extracted from tulsi oil.

Options of Cancer Treatments

Cancer can usually be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy or other methods. A wide range of herbal treatments are for sale to Cancer treatments.

  • Correct or treat the cause of Cancer Treatment..
  • Strengthen the overall healthiness of Cancer Patients until such time as they have recovered and could work effectively.
  • Protect against or even treat any kind of additional complications caused by acute cancer.

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