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Stomach Problems

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Stomach Problems

Stomach Pain is usually a common and also annoying problem in a life. Typically it is always seen as the pain sensation in almost any area in between your chest and groin. The pain sensation may possibly be mild or even severe. However it's not at all times required the fact that each such pain is stomach pain. There are various other types of serious pain as well which can mislead anyone as stomach pain or ache i.e - Appendicitis, Inflammation of the gallbladder, Kidney stones, Urinary tract infections, Hernia etc

The stomach pain that can be caused simply because of Indigestion, Excessive gas and also Food poisoning can be easily treated by means of Ayurveda.


Stomach problems, in particular ulcers are lesions that take place within the stomach inner lining, adjoining to the intestinal tract. As stated by Ayurvedic studies, the reason for stomach ulcers comes from too much hyperactivity. Consequently, this boosts the level of hydrochloric acids, within the stomach.

Signs and symptoms of Ulcers:

  • Sharp pain in the upper abdominal area,
  • Excessive flatulence,
  • Weakness in the body (lack of energy levels).

In the long term can affect if the patient not receiving treatment for ulcers are listed below:

  • Muscle Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Blood contained in the stool


Gastric illness or problem, gastritis, is a really painful and very difficult condition.

It becomes an inflammatory reaction of the stomach, which though if taken care of quickly and successfully need not be dangerous, can bring about many serious as well as dangerous life-threatening situations, such as stomach ulcers and also other digestive system based diseases and disorders. If this gets extremely terrible it could be fatal, as it can certainly cause amentia which in turn turns into emaciation.

Signs and symptoms of Gastritis:

  • General loss of appetite
  • A sour sensation or any other strong discomfort within the stomach which ends up in frequent vomiting.
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Giddiness

Factors that cause Gastritis

  • Over-eating
  • Over intake of alcohol in all forms
  • Also common backyard garden ailments such as influenza and gout pain can easily develop toxic substances that cause gastritis.
  • Also an intake of acids or maybe alkali into the digestive system can bring about gastritis.

The actual Ayurvedic cause for gastric disorder is seen as a viation of pitta. Pitta controls the particular metabolic processes and basically this implies that the sufferers' digestive system along with overall metabolic process has been destroyed or damaged.

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