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Epilepsy (seizure disorder, fits) is actually aneurological disorder described as recurrent instances of seizure or tremors. These are generally caused by abnormal excitation coming from brain. Epilepsy treatment methods are targeted at controlling the disease. Most cases associated with juvenile epilepsy will not pass over to adulthood.

Don't assume all epilepsy conditions tend to be the same. At times there can be obvious reasons like stress, brain injury, genetic conditions and parasitic infection of brain. It can also be observed that condition of epilepsy can take place without having strong provable reason.

Epilepsy caused by particular reasons like use of certain prescribed drugs, epilepsy as withdrawal symptom, seizure as a result of abnormal levels of sodium in blood happen to be temporary situations and will be treated without having any specific treatment options in addition to the medicines along with healthy eating plan to go back to normal health.

Epilepsy treatment in Ayurveda

Apasmara or apasmaram could be the term used for epilepsy in Ayurveda. The causes positioned by means of Ayurveda scripts include things like stressful life, lazy life, poor diet and reductions of natural desires. Every person differs from the others as well as every case of epilepsy also happens to be different. Thorough study of the affected person by an Ayurvedic physician is really important to recognize the proper treatment for a person.

Epilepsy in most situations is often a vata disorder. On the other hand, it may also be caused by vitiation of pitta or even kapha. Imbalances of all the three doshas are usually not so rare. Vata type seizure is actually some sort of mental health problem. Stress filled days, inadequate sleeping along with mental health exertion happen to be the factors. Digestive problems like gastritis, constipation etc. might also be reasons.

Relaxation normalized healthy eating plan and specific time for it to have food can certainly help these kind of persons control epilepsy. Abhayanga or Ayurvedic oil massage, shirodhara (pouring of medicated essential oil over head), thalam (trying to keep medicated necessary oil on top of your head) works well for pacifying your memory. Nerve tonic herbal products like Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monniera), Jatamamsi (Nardastachys jatamansi), Shanka pushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides) etc are widely-used topacify central nervous system in order to decrease instances of abnormal brain functioning.

Inflammations inside head resulting from diseases like Encephalitis cause pitta kind of seizures. Heat exposure is usually a high risk factor in this kind of cases of seizures. Kapha sort epilepsy can be caused by blocks found in central nervous system. An inactive or even extremely secluded lifestyle can bring about this disorder. Kapha type epilepsy can also be described as excess salivation. Tulsi (holy basil), Acorus calamus, etc are the types of herbal plants beneficial in kapha epilepsy.

Prevention of Epilepsy:

Manage the approach to life along with Ayurvedic day-to-day normal routine (dinacharya). Continue being as much positive about the day and also everyday living as possible. Never allow stresses to creep directly into your body and mind. Don't end up being excited at just about anything. Begin the process of practicing yoga meditation.

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