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What is considered as Cough ?

Cough is also normally a Kapha (water) disorder. It is actually caused by deposition of the mucus, or possibly by way of soreness to the mucus membranes with the respiratory tract.
The present day science usually do not consider cough as being a disease however rather consider this as being merely a symptom of an impending respiratory system illness or even dysfunction or perhaps a manifestation of quite a few cardiopulmonary distress.

A few of the signs and symptoms ?

More common signs and symptoms of common colds and coughs can be a running or even blocked nose, sneezing continuously especially when encountered with cold temperatures or whenever having some ice cold drinks, a painful throat, cough, congestion, headache and quite often a very low fever along with overall body aches and pains. Anorexia, laziness and also difficulty in getting to sleep can also be found in the event the signs and symptoms become severe.

What are the causes ?

The common colds along with coughs really are a very common problem and are generally caused by aggravation of Kapha Dosha. It may sometimes be the effect of a poor digestion of food. Once the food we tend to consume will not be completely digested it transforms straight into mucus, which often in Ayurvedic language is recognized as ama. This unique mucus or ama combined with a variety of blood circulation actually reaches the respiratory system and causes colds or even coughs.

Various other reasons are actually exposure to very cold or moist condition along with cold weather. Exposure to hot and cold condition on the other hand within the short time and also exposing the entire body to extreme hot and cold temperature at the same time worsens the situation. The most frequent instance of this is drinking ice cold drinks while we are hot and also excessive sweating. Taking in both hot and cold foods all at once e.g. ice cream with hot coffee is usually not advised.

Additionally, it is normally brought about in the course of change of time period. Consuming foods that enhance Kapha just like milk products, foods heavily fried in oil or ghee (clarified butter) will speed up the condition.

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