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The inflammation is in the spine. It is known as Spondylitis. This is a type of arthritis only. The arthritis which occurs in the spine.

Like all other parts of body. Our spine ages. Ageing is a truth. We age every moment. And with ageing we deteriorate. Joints are more susceptible to these destructive changes in form of arthritis. Because of the working nature of the joints.

Human spine is full of joints.

Every spinal vertebrae makes several joints with the vertebrae above and below. Because we strain our spine much in day today life. These joints starts decaying much earlier. Due to all these happenings, spine looses its flexibility and capacity to absorb shocks.

These are structural changes which lead to physiological and mechanical problems.

Men are more prone to spondylitis than women.

Surely, it is a condition which is related to age. But symptoms of this condition starts appearing in early adulthood.

Age is not in years basically. How do our body wear and tear with time, tells about our body age. Process of ageing escalates because of following reasons and this causes chances of early onset of spondylitis.

Causes of Spondylitis

  • When we don’t care our body properly. This is the basic reason why we age too fast in this era. We all take our body as granted. Ignorance of basic physical ailments causes further complex conditions.
  • Accumulation of toxins in the body. The diet and lifestyle we are leading nowadays is a basic problem in accumulation of the toxic elements inside the body.
  • Excessive work and less rest. Human body is a machine. It needs proper time to reboot. Due to professional liabilities we generally overlook the requirements of the body and this complicates the condition further.
  • Lack of flexibility. What is in mind, reflects on the body and what we eat will decide the mind. Because we are taking food which is on dryer side and this brings a lot of stiffness and rigidity in the body. Which reflects on everywhere.

Spondylitis is easy to treat and easy to repair, if diagnosed well in advance. But until unless painful condition like sciatica doesn’t appear in this case- spondylitis remain undiagnosed and condition keeps on complicating.

Apart from these, there are certain other conditions which are also responsible for spondylitis in the spine.

  • Inflammatory joint disease, which increases the problem.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Excess body weight
  • Addictions like Smoking and alcohol

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