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Sinusitis could be the inflammatory ailment of the mucous membrane inner lining the sinuses - the actual bone cavities directing from the nasal area. It usually comes after a common cold, flu or any other infections. Infecting microbes occasionally enter the sinuses or maybe chambers found on both sides of the nasal passage, leading to sinus problems.

The actual sinuses generally contain simply air, however, if there exists a great deal of catarrh in the nose, typically the openings connecting the sinuses to it could possibly get clogged and also stuffed with mucous, that might then turn out to be infected. This is what's called 'sinusitis'. Some people tend to be more prone to sinusitis, than others. Mainly because they have a tendency to have a lot of catarrh resulting from nasal allergy or intolerance or even it could be the holes draining the sinuses seem to be small compared to usual and thus much more prone to get blocked. Chronic rhinitis or even a cold would bring on sinusitis.

Having a deep breath through the nose might appear soothing. However, many of us never consider our sinuses when doing so. But, for other people, these kind of very small air passages are a source of stuffy nose as well as headaches, connected with high temperature and infection, which, in severe cases may possibly last up to twelve weeks at a frequency of four times a year. According to the ayurvedic method, Sinus problems are caused as a result of underlying imbalance in Prana Vata (the sub-dosha of vata which control the head, brain and mind) and Shleshaka Kapha (sub-dosha that governs moisture content and also lubrication balance).

The imbalance of these two sub-doshas leads to yet another complication. Ama, the sticky waste-product after food digestion, will get blended with Shleshaka Kapha in the sinus area, resulting in a much more toxic and sticky mucus called Shleshma, which usually forms in the area, blocking the actual sinus channels. Due to this limitation, there is a discrepancy of Pitta, and also these results in inflammation. Air pollution, lifestyle pattern, switching in between hot and cold weather conditions, taking in excess amounts of cold, heavy or sweet foods, sleep disorders, inadequate physical exercise, could further worsen the imbalance.

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