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Migraine is undoubtedly a common type of headache, observed in nearly 15 % of the human population. Women of all ages are more inclined to suffer from migraine headaches, compared to men. Usually there is also a hereditary component witnessed among affected individuals. In Ayurveda, migraine is quite similar to "Anantavaata", a vata dosha disorder. There exists one more condition explained in Ayurveda, the "Ardhavabhedak". Unfortunately, ardhavabhedak just refers to the one-sided headache and does not include migraine completely.

Factors that cause Migraine headaches

The actual precise root cause of migraine headaches is just not known. Which means that, it's not at all identified the reason why a few people are prone to migraine-related headaches and several others are not? In people with migraine complaints, it is always noticed that there are usually certain triggering factors which bring about the migraine headache. It's always best to avoid known trigger factors, irregularity in daily meals, in addition to physical and emotional stress.

Ayurvedic View:

All treatments in Ayurveda are generally prescribed by doctors only after having a thorough analysis of the affected person. And also, as treatment options in Ayurveda happen to be specific to each and every individual, the medicinal drugs prescribed by doctors will also vary with each and every patient. The first and foremost consultation with an Ayurveda doctor, along with the medical diagnosis can last for longer than an hour. The fundamental step in the diagnosis will be to get the person's body humour (Dosha) Vata, Pita or Kapha, because it is the imbalances of these kinds of body humours that can cause the disease.

The dominance of dosha in a person is discovered by questioning several queries about his behaviour, food habits, sleeping patterns, personal information like age, height & weight, place of life, profession, health conditions and health related reports and so on. Ayurveda medical diagnosis comprises of clinical and laboratory tests also. The physician can easily assess if an Ayurveda treatment methods are of great benefit on providing this information. Pulse, tongue, nail, and eye examinations are very important diagnosis methods which are used to disclose a person's entire body humour and its imbalance.

Migraine headaches are often an extreme stage of headache which is notstrictly unilateral it may possibly be bilateral associate with gastrointestinal, neurological symptoms. Migraine has repeated attack that is certainly idiopathic in nature and may also develop right from moderate to severe. At present, this is a very common disease and also curable at the same time. As a result of unhygienic atmosphere, imbalance diet and food habit, it is usually appear largely amongst the youngsters. We provide you with an effective Migraine Ayurvedic Treatment that makes you really feel relief of pain. In ayurveda, there are plenty of head massage oil, paste as well as therapy treatment in order to cure severe migraine. All of our different procedures along with very effective ayurvedic prescription is applied by the patients in addition to their positive feedback made our worldwide recognition as the most appropriate Migraine Treatment in Chennai, India.

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