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As stated by modern medical scientific studies, Tuberculosis (a.k.a. TB) is due to the entry of tubercle bacillus through the nasal passage, all the way up to the entire lungs. This multiplies millions of times, and then leaves tiny spots known as tubercles throughout the entire body. On the other hand, according to the ayurvedic perspective, tuberculosis can be caused by the lowering of the particular body's ability to resist the diseases entering the human body.

This disease is actually caused by bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The infection is usually spread merely by affected individuals of tuberculosis who seem to release these particular bacteria in their sputum or perhaps nasal secretions during bouts of coughing or even sneezing. Lack of nutrition can decrease the immune system of the person and predispose him to this particular infection. Many people surviving in crowded areas having inadequate ventilation and sunlight are at high risk.

Causes and spread of tuberculosis in children
Most commonly, tuberculosis develops starting from child to child by way of tiny droplets. Whenever a child going through tuberculosis infection coughs, sneezes, spits or even talks, tiny droplets of saliva or mucus are expelled up in the air and most of these tiny droplets then get into the healthy child's body. This particular disease is developed through the microorganism called Mycobacterium tuberculosis which goes into the human body and then reach the alveoli (small sacs within our lung area). After that the bacteria are carried to the lymph system as well as the bloodstream and subsequently to the various parts of the body. The more common areas to allow them to choose are usually bones, intestines, kidneys, meninges and most commonly distal portions of lung area.

The long term negative effects of TB consist of one or more of the following:

  • Damage to Lungs, Intestines, Bones, and Glands
  • Loss of Strength and Color
  • Loss of Weight

An individual clinically determined to have TB is most likely to get the following signs and symptoms:

  • Rise in Body Temperature, particularly in the evening hours
  • Persistent Cough and also Hoarseness
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Pain in Shoulders
  • Indigestion, and Chest Pain
  • Blood in the Sputum

We provide information regarding natural overall health remedies together with alternative treatment procedures, which includes Ayurvedic solutions, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine and holistic remedies for tuberculosis. The details mentioned is actually for general purpose; please make sure to Consult Doctor in advance of having any kind of treatment method.


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