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The common cold remains to be our most commonly seen disease. It is usually the very first phase associated with other sorts of diseases, revealing a breakdown within our bodily protection that may make it possible for even more problems to arise. True to its name the problem has become probably the most common health problems. In accordance with Ayurveda this implies the initial stage in the breakdown of one's bodily defences. There are several rhino-viruses that are behind it.

Let's consider signs and symptoms?

Common colds and flues usually are Kapha (phlegm) diseases and also the symptoms are generally of that humor. There may be accumulation of mucus, runny nose, sore throat, congestion, cough, body ache, headache and chills with mild fever.

Let's consider the causes?

Colds and flues are generally Kapha (phlegm) disease. Exposure to cold breeze, seasonal variations tend to be Kapha increasing factors. Exposure to hot and cold situations alternatively in a sort out period of time is also accountable, for example of this having ice cold water or perhaps consume just after coming in from the heat of the sun.

Consider some of the general treatment method?

An anti-Kapha and also anti-Ama (detoxifying) diet is recommended. Diet regime needs to be light, warm as well as simple: for instance, whole grain products and then steamed fresh vegetables in limited portions. Prevent dairy products, in particular cheese, yogurt and milk. Heavy, oily and damp food really should not be taken: meat, nuts, breads, pastries, candies and sweet fruit juices. Fasting is generally helpful in case the individual is not really that weak.

Lemon and ginger juice usually is taken along with warm water and honey. Fresh ginger or any other spice teas, cinnamon, basil and cloves, are perfect.

Herbal treatment method makes use of diaphoretic, expectorant and anti-cough herbs. The peripheral blood circulation is required to be restored and also the cold dispelled. Immediately after taking in warm spice tea, the individual should go to bed under a warm and comfortable blanket and be exposed to a mild perspiration. Various other sweating procedures which include dry sauna or steam box can be utilized. The affected person should basically be mildly sweated; excessive, needs to be definitely avoided.

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