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Causes of paralysis

The brain and the spinal cord or due to the impairment of the peripheral nervous system i.e. the system of the nerves radiating outwards from the brain and spinal cord.

Features of paralysis

There is loss of tactile inputs and outputs in the affected part of the body. That means the person cannot feel anything like pain, touch, no feeling of hot and cold things. There is tingling sensation on the unaffected parts of the body. Due to the constant depletion of blood the affected part may be permanently damaged. As a result the muscles and tissues in that part will also get wasted leading to disuse atrophy as mentioned earlier. In quadriplegia the most serious form of paralysis the person’s body becomes like the mere skin and bones within a few months of attack.

Diet of them

Avoid bitter pungent and astringent food. Nuts are very good for balancing vata. Rice and wheat are consumable. The jusicier fruits such as bananas, mangoes, oranges etc. are preferred. Dry fruits such as apples, pears and pomegranates must be avoided. Asparagus, beet, carrots are important part of daily diet. Among non vegetarian food – white meat such as poultry and !sh are much better as compared to red meat such as beef and pork.

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