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Weight Gain

Make an effort inquiring people how you can gain weight and you will probably come across quite a few bewildered and also puzzled facial looks gazing right back at you. The question is rather appropriate one and the other who frustrates end up on the light end of the scale.

While many of those come across overweight problems and even find it difficult to maintain the weight, some others find that it's just like hard to put on weight. Although many suggestions is offered on 'How to lose weight', it may possibly be a lonely fight for people who would like to gain weight.

Probably not gaining weight is also a main problem just like losing weight. According to Ayurveda the body weight needs to be in a well balanced proportion along with effective immune system. In case you are focusing on the Ayurveda putting on weight then it has to be appropriately distributed all over your entire body. Putting on weight within just one particular part of the body like waist, stomach etc can also be the main problem.

As per Ayurveda people who have Vata dosha possess thin body shape they can indeed be restless, energetic and high metabolism rate. Due to this reason they may be extremely skinny having much less muscle growth. They likewise have the protruding joint parts along with cracking noises. People who have vata dosha in addition have thin and dry skin along with visible veins.

The key reason why Normal Weight is extremely important?

Normal weight is extremely important for the purpose of proper immune system.

  • Impaired immunity,
  • Bone/joint problems,
  • Anemia etc.
  • Low weight individuals will have significantly greater tendency for vattika disease.

It is very important notice that the body weight you would like to acquire needs to be evenly distributed all over the body, rather than only around your waistline

Factors behind Underweight
Ayurveda takes into account everything from the entire body type along with variety of food you are consuming to discover the exact problem.

Significantly less Calorie Consumption
Your entire body requires specific amount of calorie intake. In case you are consuming fewer calories compared to the required quantity then you'll definitely encounter the problem of underweight. Insufficient calorie intake will certainly result in the problems of respiratory disorders, typhoid fever, cancer and circulatory disorders.

Unhealthy Ways of Eating
Unhealthy ways of eating also result in underweight problems. Also if the particular rate of metabolism is higher then you'll encounter this disorder. Insufficient quantity of food and also too much of physical activity even leads to weight loss.

Metabolic Disturbances
You might have overactive thyroid, genetic tendencies, as well as other chronic disease ultimately causing metabolic disturbances. These can also be reason behind weight loss or simply underweight problem.

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