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White Discharge

Leucorrhoea, the unusual vaginal discharge is a common problem now-a-days in gynaecological practice. It may be physiological but when turn into pathological condition, produce associated problems like itching vulva, backache and so as to anxiety to a female suffering from the entity. It is quoted as a symptom in multiple gynaecological problems. Management of leucorrhoea depends upon the causative factor, Prakriti of the patient’s, involvement of Doshas etc. Usually leucorrhoea is a curable disease, but recurrence is common due to causative factors. Some classical preparations mentioned for the management of Leucorrhoea in Ayurvedic classics oral as well as local like vaginal douche, vaginal suppositories, dhoopana and tampons. Research works done at various institutions give evidence of effectiveness of such oral and local therapies.

Types of Leucorrhoea :


Normal secretions from vulva, vagina, cervix increase under the following conditions - At puberty due to hormone effects, it corrects itself. During ovulation & early pregnancy.During sexual excitement. This excess of secretion is usually enough to moisten the vulva & occasionally pours out to stain the under clothing.


Health and under nourishment. Dysfunctional (endocrinal, marital disharmony & psychosomatic) Psychological.

Pelvic factors

Before puberty - vulvo vaginitis, foreign body inside vagina After puberty in young virgin- poor general health, unclean personal hygiene, anaemia, endocrine dysfunctions, masturbation. Nulliparous married womenTrichomonas&monilial vaginitis, cervicitis, Bartholinitis. The discharge is mucopurulent. Retained contraceptive measures or sexual excess may be the causes. Mucoid or watery Ieucorrhea can be a symptom of women with Infertility & DUB. Parous women during the child bearing period - cervical erosion & chronic cervicitis. Premenopausal- uterine polyps, decubitus ulcer in genital prolapsed, uterine fibroid, uterine carcinoma. Post menopausal- Carcinoma of genital tract, genital prolapse and senile vaginitis.

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